WLC World Scholars: Neil Gerstein

CATEGORIES: December 2013

Each academic year the department recognizes the work of outstanding majors and minors in World Languages and Cultures through departmental awards and financial scholarships. Students who receive these financial awards are recognized at the annual WLC Awards ceremony celebrated each April. One of our 2013 scholarship winners was Neil Gerstein (Global Resource Systems major and WLC student of Chinese) who was awarded the competitive Louise Semmons Scholarship. This scholarship is given in the name of Louise Semmons, who was an Iowa State graduate and left money for the purpose of the award in her will. The scholarship is awarded to students who must be junior or senior language students who have above-average grades and have participated in foreign language activities on campus.  We have asked Neil to tell us how the scholarship he received helped him further his academic goals.

This semester I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China. Not only has my study abroad experience helped improve my Chinese language capabilities, but it has also expanded my horizons and helped me grow as a person. Adapting to life in China was a bit difficult at first, but I now have a large group of both local and international friends, and I think I have really found my niche in Beijing. My time in China is coming to an end, but studying here has had a huge influence on my life, and I plan to come back to China to work and study in the future. I’m so privileged to be studying in China, and I am incredibly thankful for scholarships such as the World Languages and Cultures study abroad scholarship that make my experience here possible.


To learn more about WLC scholarships available to undergraduate students, please visit the department website: http://language.iastate.edu/students/scholarships/