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CATEGORIES: February 2014
Russian Club

 Russian Club. 

Russian Club (officially the Russian Eastern European and Eurasian Club) is a community for Iowa State students who are learning Russian, or are otherwise interested in Russian culture. Being able to get together with friends outside of an academic setting and speak Russian in a conversational way has been immensely helpful to all of us. In addition to the language practice, the club serves as a forum for us to share what we plan to do with our Russian language skills.

Since we started Russian Club, we’ve gone down to the Russian Restaurant in Des Moines (with another trip planned for the end of February!), we’ve watched both Russian films and films about Russia, we regularly bring our own Russian food to meetings, ranging from borscht (beet soup) and shchi (cabbage soup), to candies bought at from a Russian grocery store. We are currently planning a weekend-long trip up to Minneapolis to visit the Museum of Russian Art. In addition, we also engage in activities purely for fun, such as ice skating or skiing. If we aren’t enjoying ourselves at club meetings, then something is wrong.

We are always looking for new members, particularly those who are in the lower level Russian classes. We don’t want this club to simmer away like the one before it, and we feel that if we can create more interaction between the upper and lower level Russian students, it will not only create a sense of continuity, but will also help strengthen the Russian program at Iowa State.

Russian Club meets in Pearson room 3157 every week, alternating between Wednesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 7pm. For more information, please send an email to John Fleming (Russian Club president) jpflem@iastate.edu or Prof. Olga Mesropova (olgames@iastate.edu).

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French Club.

In Fall 2013, the French Club offered a variety of movie and culture events, including a very successful Impressionist evening, during which students learned about the art movement and created their own masterpieces.  These paintings were then displayed in the LSRC.  The club just elected a new president (Caleb Evers), and are in the process of organizing this semester’s events.  They plan to do a crêpe night soon, and will be offering several movie and food nights.

If students are interested in Club events, they can contact Dr. Deininger (mdein@iastate.edu) to be added to email list or find the group on Facebook.  Meeting times and events for this will be announced via email & Facebook.


French Club
French Club: Impressions of Impressionism

Eta Sigma Phi/Classics Club.

Last semester, ESP/CC kept busy with a variety of activities. In joint cooperation with other departments, we hosted Dr. Gregory Aldrete, Professor of History at the University of Wisonsin-Green Bay, as he talked about ancient Greek body armor in his lecture “Classical Kevlar: Reconstructing Ancient Greek Body Armor.” The club also had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Aldrete after the lecture in a more informal lunch. We ended our semester with a Holiday party, including a very competitive game of Apples-to-Apples!

This semester, we are planning to participate in VEISHEA activities, as well as host two lunch and learns with prominent professors on campus as an opportunity for our club members to get to know these professors – and vice versa – in a more relaxed environment. Additionally, we are hoping to host a speaker whose specialty is Athens and Sparta. Eta Sigma Phi members plan to meet and tackle more Latin. Finally, we are planning a group movie night to see Pompeii in #3D!

If you are interested in joining our club, please email either Brenda Tyrrell at btyrrell@iastate.edu or Haley Nixt at hnixt@iastate.edu. We have our business meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 5pm and our movie/fun night every fourth Friday.


ISU American Sign Language Club. 

The Club meets for lunch every Tuesday and Thursday at noon in the MU, Pine Room for conversational practice. Every 1st Thursday of the month we meet at Panera on Duff. 6:30p till close for socialization of Deaf Community and ASL students. Every 3rd Thursday of the month – ASL Club meeting and activity. 6:30p-8:30p.

Stay tuned to announcements of the events for March 28th-29th. We will host the ASL Immersion/ ASL Symposium with invited speakers, workshops, activities, and an unreleased full-length film all in ASL and related to the Deaf Community.


Spanish Club. 

Check out our calendar of events and contact us if you have any questions! Nate Bullock(club president):  NBullock@iastate.edu; Marta Lence (faculty advisor): mlence@iastate.edu