2014 WLC Showcase and Career Day Panels

CATEGORIES: April 2014

by Dr. William Carter

On April 3rd, the Department hosted its first annual WLC Showcase and Career Day Panels. The WLC Showcase took place on the third floor of Pearson Hall between 11:30 and 1:00 and highlighted the American Sign Language club, ISU Career Services, language clubs, the Language Studies Resource Center (LSRC), Study Abroad, and future course offerings.


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The Career Day Panels provided a forum about a variety of real-world professional experiences shared by current students, alumni, and employers. The first session, “Early Career Preparation and Experience,” featured Taren Crow (LAS Career Services), Nick Juelsgaard (WLC Chinese/Danfoss), Nicholas Korpi (WLC Chinese /MUSCO Lighting), Jesse Leonard (WLC German/Danfoss and Thermomass), and Eric Woestman (WLC German/EnSoft Corp.). These panelists discussed the advantages of language and cultural skills as well as effective strategies for highlighting them on résumés and during interviews. In the second session, “Professional Insight,” Jon Grannis (Sollah Interactive), Verónica Martín Ruiz (Culture and Language Integration Consultant, The Principal Financial Group), and Venkatesh Seshappa (Director of Engineering, Thermomass) underscored the value and necessity of these skills in the global marketplace. They shared practical information from their own profession experience and contributed to a very informative discussion for students, faculty, and alumni. You can view the Career Day panels on the WLC YouTube channel.