Dr. Weber-Fève Presents On Teaching Film


Dr. Stacey Weber-Fève, Associate Professor of French, was invited by the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) to give a plenary session at their 2014 Annual Meeting. On Thursday, June 19th at Boston University’s main campus in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Weber-Fève presented her session titled “Connection-Making: Using Film for Language Development and Language Awareness” to an international audience of Korean language instructors at the secondary and higher education levels. Drawing on insights from the fields of secondary language acquisition and foreign language literacy, Dr. Weber-Fève demonstrated that in addition to using film as cultural realia, activities can be developed around cinematic scenes to work on vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and discourse cohesion in the promotion of language development, fluency, and language awareness. The session was well attended and good discussion and strong interest were generated. Dr. Weber-Fève has been asked to give a shortened version of this session as an “All-Star Session” at the upcoming Iowa World Language Association Annual Meeting in October 2014.