Film Producers’ Club

CATEGORIES: October 2014

Did you know that WLC now has a minor in World Film Studies? The minor offers coursework in the history, theory, and aesthetics of world cinema, while introducing students to influential auteurs and cinematic traditions from around the globe. In addition to studying trends and movements of international cinema, many of our World Film Studies minors are also members of the ISU Film Producers Club. We have asked Kelley Werner, the Club’s president, to tell us more about the Club and their current projects.

Who would benefit from joining the Film Producers Club? The ISU Film Producers club provides a wonderful experience for those who are interested in all aspects of film: videography, directing, producing, acting, screenwriting, editing, lighting, sound mixing, music production, the list goes on. They offer an environment for students to try new things, polish already existing skills, and offer help and support to each other in the film making process. Whether completely new to film, or with years of experience, ISU Film Producers Club has something to offer to anyone. 

What are the Club’s current projects? Currently, the club has many projects underway. We are working with other clubs and organizations on campus, such as Dance Marathon and Pencils of Promise, who need professional services. We are in the process of launching a cell phone film contest, which will be open to all Iowa State students. We also are producing an online websisode series, Public University. Most recently, the Club won 1st PLACE in the Pesek-Pierre Film Competition with the film entitled, “Litter.” The competition featured films drawing attention to under-appreciated issues related to sustainability. (You can watch the film here:

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When does the Club meet? The club meets 2 times a month – the first and third Thursday of every month. The first meeting is a mandatory, planning meeting. The second is a workshop night where we work on projects, brainstorm, learn how to use equipment, etc.

How did you get interested in film and filmmaking yourself? I became interested in film in high school when I got into the school news show. We had a show called “The Vibe” and it’s where I learned the basics of shooting and editing. I realized I really loved doing it (it didn’t feel like work to me, it was all fun). I chose to go into Mass Communications at Iowa State, hoping to someday get involved in film or videography. After I graduate, I hope I can get a job with some kind of production company and someday work to the top. I’d like to direct, maybe! And am really interested traveling with a film crew and maybe do some documentary work. Who knows.

How can one find out more about the Club? I would say that our Facebook page is the best way for people to view our videos. Our facebook page link is If you have any other questions about the Club, contact Kelley Werner ( or Dr. Olga Mesropova, the club’s advisor (