Stories from Study Abroad in Peru

CATEGORIES: October 2014

Shreya Bhardwaj is a senior pursuing a triple major in Economics, Women’s Studies and International Studies.  Below, Shreya shares her memories of a summer 2014 Study Abroad program in Cusco, Peru

In the summer of 2014, I had an amazing opportunity to visit Cusco, Peru. Peru was an experience like no other. Having come from India, I thought going to another country would not feel very different but the struggles of a different language, culture, and continent were more overwhelming than I anticipated the day I landed in Lima. However, when I arrived in Cusco and met my lovely host family, all my nervousness just melted away. Language was a challenge but there could not have been a better way for me to gain confidence to hold up a conversation with someone in Spanish. 

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Apart from the amazing cultural experiences, I also got to visit the beautiful vistas of the Peruvian landscape. I visited Machu Pichu and though the trek was hard, the history behind this wonder of the world was fascinating. I also visited lake Titicaca and saw the famous tiny floating islands made of reed. I took two classes in Cusco and loved them both. The immersive learning objective of my program was extremely helpful in learning the language and truly understanding the people of a country. I cannot wait to go back!