WLC Alumna Awarded the Teacher of Promise Award

CATEGORIES: Nov./Dec. 2014

Amanda Kerper (Spanish 2013) was awarded the Teacher of Promise Award (TOP) at the annual Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) conference on October 10, 2014. Amanda is currently a Spanish teacher in the Des Moines school district. The award is in memory of the late Dr. Michael D. Oates, long-time French professor at the University of Northern Iowa and an active member of IWLA. Dr. Oates had a substantial impact on world language teachers, not only in Iowa, but throughout the United States. Pictured with Amanda, is Dr. Linda Quinn Allen, President-Elect of IWLA.

TOP Award Winner copy

And more exciting news from our Educator Preparation Program: The State Board of Examiners unanimously approved re-accreditation for ISU’s Educator Preparation Program for the maximum period allowed of six years. One member of the Board stated, “I look to Iowa State University to set the standard [for outstanding educator preparation] in the state.” To celebrate this success, a gathering took place November 20, 2014, in the College of Human Sciences Visitor Center, 118 MacKay, from 2:00-3:00.