Alumni Profile: Megan Fandel

CATEGORIES: February 2015

What was your course of study at ISU and when did you graduate?

Spanish, Secondary Education. Graduated 2006. 

Tell us what you do now in your current position: 

I teach Middle School Spanish in Van Meter, Iowa. I am so excited to be a part of an amazing K-12 Spanish program; very few schools in Iowa have this privilege!  

How have you incorporated what you learned at ISU into your current career path?  

Where to begin? If you want to speak well, make friends who are native speakers and obsessively memorize tongue twisters and music. Be a part of class conversations, participate in extra-curriculars and take on a leadership role of some sort. Go to your professors´ office hours.  Lock your bike. Language opens doors and allows you to see the world from another perspective. These are some of the benefits I try to relay to my students.

How has your major in Spanish benefited your work experience?

Study abroad was a key player in my career path and as international teacher. I learned an insatiable desire to see the world through learning Spanish in Peru and Puerto Rico. That lead me to two teaching positions abroad: South Korea and Galicia, Spain.  I´m happy to be home in Iowa but will likely take another “tour”. 

In what ways do you keep up with your language learning?

I have Spanish-speaking friends and keep up with world news via BBC Mundo. I read consistently and speak everyday. I use about 95% Spanish in class. When I was in Korea, I learned Korean; likewise Galician in Galicia.  

If you could share one piece of advice with current WLC students, what would it be?

See the world and be part of the big picture. A boat is safe at harbor, but that´s not what a boat is made for.