2015 American Sign Language Outstanding Students

CATEGORIES: April 2015

Meet our 2015 outstanding ASL students!

Krystal Adams

Hello. My name is Krystal Adams. I was born and raised right here in Ames, Iowa. I am currently a junior in Liberal Studies. I’ve had the good fortune of taking all the coursework in American Sign Language, and I am currently finishing up ASL 305- Classifiers & Depiction. At the completion of Fall 2015 I plan to move to Austin, Texas where there is a critical mass of Deaf people and a large Deaf Community where I can further develop my language and deepen my understanding of the American Deaf Culture.

Stacy Roggentien

Hi. My name is Stacy Roggentien and I am from Marengo, Iowa.Currently at Iowa State University I am in my senior year as an English Education major. I’m taking ASL 106 currently which is the second overall class. I’m really having an enjoyable experience with it!

Maria Doud

My name is Maria Doud and I am originally from Stuart, Iowa. I’m a Child, Adult, and Family Services major. I first became interested in ASL as a camp counselor for individuals with autism. Some of them use rudimentary signs to communicate and so I’m learning ASL for ease of communication.