WLC Ambassador, Ouma Amadou, Awarded Prestigious Summer Research Fellowship To NYU

CATEGORIES: April 2015

Congratulations to Ouma Amadou (French and Women’s Studies major, World Film Studies minor, WLC Student Ambassador) for receiving a prestigious fellowship through the Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative, which will allow her to pursue research at NYU this summer.

The Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative is a program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the Humanities. This program is coordinated by the organization Leadership Alliance, which is interested in increasing the number of PhDs received by students from traditionally underrepresented programs.


Students accepted into the summer program are paired with a faculty member at an institution of choice, with whom they meet regularly over the course of nine weeks to collaborate on a research project. Students additionally attend meetings to present their research as well as workshops and discussions to prepare them for graduate school.

We asked Ouma to tell us more about her research project at NYU this summer and this is what she wrote:

“I will be completing a faculty-guided, individual research project. The deliverable will be a 15-page research paper and a presentation at the Leadership Alliance national symposium. I will also complete GRE prep classes and workshops to improve my writing, presentation, and research skills. Essentially, I will be introduced to the graduate school process on a variety of different levels. I intend to complete a research project focused on cinema; I am interested in pursuing a PhD in Film/Cinema Studies.” 

Congratulations, Ouma, on this wonderful accomplishment! We look forward to hearing more about your research as it unfolds and wish you a productive and enjoyable stay in New York City.

Students interested in the Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative are encouraged to learn more about the program here:

Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative at a Glance:

  • Free application 
  • If accepted, students receive a stipend, housing other benefits depend on the specific university 
  • Geared towards rising juniors and seniors
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA
  • Committed interest in pursuing a PhD or MD-PhD