Congratulations, DOCTOR Stephanie Korslund!

CATEGORIES: December 2015

My name is Stephanie Korslund and I am the Director of the Language Studies Resource Center for the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Iowa State University.  Recently I finished my PhD studies through Ohio University in instructional technology with a focus in computer assisted language learning (CALL).  CALL is an area of linguistics that examines technology in second and foreign language learning.  My primary focus within CALL is teacher training and professional development.

My dissertation research, titled “Does Practice Match Perception? An Examination of Instructors’ Espousal and Enactment of CALL in the Second Language Classroom”, explored the dynamic between English as a second language (ESL) instructors’ perceptions of use and actual use of technology for teaching English in an intensive English program.  For my research, I interviewed six instructors in an intensive English program about their perceptions towards technology use in teaching English as a second language.  Following this initial interview, instructors’ integration of technology in their language teaching was observed over the course of one semester with a follow-up interview being conducted at the end of the semester.  In addition to the instructor interviews and observations, I interviewed other key personnel in the intensive English program and surveyed students in the participating instructors classes in order to gain additional perspectives on technology integration within the program and these instructors’ classes.

Results from my research showed that while most instructors’ perceptions align with their practices, differences between instructors’ pedagogical beliefs and their technology integration existed. While the majority of the instructors stated they had student-centered pedagogical beliefs, their integration of technology showed a more teacher-centered practice.  The results of this research will help inform future teacher training and professional development in integrating technology into the second/foreign language classroom.

It is important that instructors be aware of how their pedagogical beliefs are reflected in their teaching practices, including their integration of technology.  In my research, I discuss how the TESOL technology standards for language learners and instructors can benefit all language instructors, serving as a guide of best practices for integrating technology into the language classroom.  By familiarizing themselves with the TESOL technology standards, language teachers may be able to clarify their position with regard to their position on integrating technology into the language classroom and help them better align their integration of technology with their pedagogical philosophies.