Changing the Nature of Language Teaching: French Faculty Member Publishes 2nd Edition of a Textbook

CATEGORIES: December 2015

Co-written by Dr. Stacey Weber-Fève, Associate Professor of French, along with Dr. Wynne Wong (Ohio State Univ.) and Dr. Bill VanPatten (Michigan State Univ.), Liaisons is an innovative introductory-level French program built on the four essential components of communicative language teaching: authentic language use; rich and varied meaning-based input; purposeful speaking and interaction; and a focus on students and the world they inhabit.

Along with the support of a community of over 100 adopters (i.e., university French programs ranging from community colleges to 4-year state institutions and private liberal arts colleges), Liaisons is helping to change the nature of French language teaching across the United States. The second edition continues the exciting innovations of the first edition and introduces a few new features. In addition to updating cultural readings and cultural references, this new edition is the first textbook in any modern language to feature Oui, je peux! activities. Loosely modeled on the American Council of Teaching of Foreign Language’s “can do” statements, the OJPs invite students to perform a variety of mini-tasks that cumulatively profile Intermediate speaking ability. The second edition also features “tear-out cards” (end-of-chapter vocabulary and grammar review content with additional practice activities); thematically related video offerings and activities to extend students’ knowledge and encourage more connections and comparisons with different French-speaking cultures; and new activities for technology enhanced, flipped or hybrid classrooms.