A Note From the Chair

CATEGORIES: March 2016

Dear WLC students, alumni and friends,

It’s that time of year again.  Each March many people begin to ponder blooming flowers, longer days, and pleasant spring weather (except for the occasional short snow storm!).  We contemplate these things, too, but for us March also marks the beginning of summer and fall enrollment, and so we spend a good deal of time thinking about the interesting and engaging courses we might offer.

As you know, WLC offers coursework in nine different languages (ten if you include English): American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. We also teach Classical Studies, U.S. Latino/a Studies, International Studies and, through our colleagues in Anthropology, we offer options in American Indian Studies.

During any given semester, WLC offers over 100 courses with a wide array of topics ranging from Beginning Arabic or ASL to Spanish for Professionals to Putin’s Russia or Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Studies.  Want in-depth study of a language?  We offer online and face-to-face instruction in many different world languages.  Interested in learning more about the Holocaust?  Check out Dr. William Carter’s German 371 (online).  How about French Film?  We have that too—just take Dr. Stacey Weber-Feve’s French 378 course.  Or, if you’re proficient in Spanish, join me for a seminar on Golden Age Spanish literature (Span 440)!  These are but a small sample of the incredible variety of courses we offer regularly.  All you need to do is check the ISU Schedule of Courses to see the ground we cover!

2016 marks the return of Portuguese to the WLC curriculum.  In the fall, the department will offer Portuguese 375x: Brazil Today, a course that connects Brazilian history, society and politics with current issues in economics, agriculture and, more than anything, culture.  Although the course will be taught in English, it will also include some basic Portuguese instruction, making it especially interesting to students, alumni and the community who expect to travel to Brazil or who just want to know more about current issues in Brazil.


Are you looking for exciting options for the summer?  See the list below for the online courses we offer this summer, many of which are taught in English and open to anyone. Just click on one of the courses below to learn more.