Faculty Q&A: Dr. Maximilian Viatori III

CATEGORIES: September 2016

Dr. Maximilian Viatori III is one of our new Anthropology colleagues here in WLC. His work as a cultural anthropologist aligns him pretty easily with our own work before the merger so we thought we would let him tell you more about himself.


How did you get started in Anthropology?

Like most people, I didn’t have any real, direct experience in Anthropology until I got to college.

Before I knew it, I was in Mexico, doing fieldwork a year or so later.

How did you decide to go to graduate school?

I remember the last year or two of college, staying up late at night working on my senior thesis and related projects and just being really excited about it and wanting to continue doing that.

Tell us about your research area.

Most of the research that I do, and have done in the past, has been related directly to questions of inequality- racial inequality, ethnicity, class in particular.


What are your thoughts on the merger of Anthro & WLC?

It combines in one department, I think some of the most important aspects of my research. I get to have…those kind of daily conversations and interactions that I think lead to and produce a rich, day-to-day intellectual atmosphere and environment.