Q&A with Dr. Sebastian Braun

CATEGORIES: October 2016

Stop reading now if you dislike people with infectious enthusiasm because that is one of the most prominent traits of our brilliant anthropology colleague, Dr. Sebastian Braun. Associate Professor in cultural anthropology and Director of the American Indian Studies Program, Dr. Braun is not only an excellent instructor but a highly engaged researcher.

In this first video below, he gives us some of his personal and intellectual background.

What I really wanted to do was understand the world.


In this second video, he makes a wonderful argument for the importance of studying anthropology and/or American Indian Studies. Send people this way, if there is any doubt about such a path of study. Dr. Braun will set you straight.

We need to understand the perspectives of other people and therefore we need to learn to listen. It’s something that we need to learn – it’s not something that we just know.


In this final video, Dr. Braun has a message for all of our students with primary majors outside of cultural studies in fields that operate based on an absolute set of principles regardless of (cultural) context.

It is important [to understand culture] because common sense stops being common at cultural boundaries.

Cultural anthropology provides the method for engaging with local knowledge and cultural values which can best inform your professional work.


You can read more about Dr. Braun’s research on his profile page. Also, check out the Anthropology program and the American Indian Studies program and see if a major or minor is right for you.