Grad Student Giselle Narvaez talks Monkey Bridges. It’s a thing.

CATEGORIES: October 2016

Students and advisers at Iowa State often talk about how common it is for students to change their major one or more times. What may not get talked about nearly as much are the majors that go well together. Giselle Narvaez went from Animal Ecology with an interest in primate behavior in her undergraduate years to Anthropology with an emphasis in primatology here at ISU.

Between her studies of the two, Giselle has a particular appreciation for the connections between Anthropology and wildlife conservation.

“Conservation [can’t] work if you don’t have the Anthropological view. Humans are an important part of conservation, and getting the community involved in conservation is the only way that it’s going to work.”

Much like her unobstructed movement from undergraduate to graduate, Giselle studies how to provide unimpeded migration over major roads for wildlife- monkeys in particular. Learn more about “monkey bridges” and Giselle below!

To get more information on the Field School that Giselle mentions in the video, check out this article from this month’s newsletter!