Faculty Q&A with Dr. Lucia Suarez

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Dr. Lucia Suarez is a new Associate Professor of Spanish and Latino/a Studies and also the Director if the Latino/a Studies Program. She sat down with us recently to share her experiences and interests – they range from dance to theory.


In this first video, Dr. Suarez introduces herself and gives us an overview of her research.

[trx_quote style=”1″]”I’m interested in exploring all the ways in which literacy, literature, poetry, and dance arts shape people’s lives.”[/trx_quote]


We wanted to know more about the role dance has played in both her life and research. So we asked.

[trx_quote style=”1″]”My work looks at all the possibilities that can be brought forth through the arts.”[/trx_quote]

This is Dr. Suarez’ first year at Iowa State and we can tell that she is happy to be here. Find out why.

[trx_quote style=”1″]”I find the energy here – and especially at WLC – really fruitful and fertile for the kind of work that the 21st century needs.”[/trx_quote]

Dr. Suarez gives us a peek into her personal past and her experience as an immigrant child and how this has informed her academic work.

[trx_quote style=”1″]”My experience as an immigrant makes me more of an American than I every would have imagined.” [/trx_quote]


In our last video, Dr. Suarez offers some reasons for why U.S. Latino/a Studies is such an interesting and important subject of study – especially today.

[trx_quote style=”1″]”We we think about Latino/a Studies, we’re thinking about many, many voices – an extreme diversity, an exciting plurality – that allows us to see difference and sameness, that allows us to question: why are we here and what can we do together?”[/trx_quote]