2016-2017 Highlights


It’s been quite a year for us here in WLC. The biggest changes have probably come from our recent merger with Anthropology . We are really excited about working with our new colleagues and WLC is even better than it was before. The Anthro faculty have just moved to Pearson Hall, so come and visit ALL of us on the second and third floor.


Here in WLC people are our focus. Faculty? Of course. We have faculty who are world-renowned researchers and award-winning instructors.

Read more about LAS and University awardees here.

Some of them have even taken up the challenge of acting.

WLC Holiday Greeting 2016


Faculty have, individually, done so much more in their research – it would be too much to discuss here. You should know that they did all of this while teaching a record number of student credit hours – [trx_highlight type=”1″ color=”#ffffff” backcolor=”#b90023d”]29,473![/trx_highlight] to be exact. That places WLC as 5th on campus for hours taught. Don’t get us started on efficiency or value!

WLC is, however, not just its faculty – we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing students – both current and alumni. Emily Fifield (2008, Spanish and International Studies) was named a 2017 STATEment Maker and our very own Carly Johansen (2016, Spanish, Linguistics, and International Studies) was highlighted in LAS’s Classroom to Careers series. Another LAS highlight was graduating senior, Emily Gries. Take a look at Emily and lots of other LAS grads here! One our very own, Kevin Wagner, won “Best Oral Presentation” at the Undergraduate Research Symposium with a presentation on Latinx Psychology. Also, check out the videos below to meet just a few of the student awardees for this year.


Did you see our awesome students on the buses this Spring?

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We also had some impressive visitors this year. Among some of the more notable are: Anthropologist, Dr. Kristen Hawkes visited who shared her Grandmother Hypothesis with us; Eric Jarosinski, a.k.a. @NeinQuarterly, did a workshop and spoke in Dr. Mark Rectanus’ Globalization & Technology course. If you were there, you had probably never thought so deeply about social media before nor laughed with/at philosophers in the same way; this spring Donato Ndongo  – journalist, historian, and academic from Equatorial Guinea – spoke about literature and oppression; American Indian Studies brought in Amber Annis to discuss the impacts of World War II and the Cold War on the landscape and people of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation; and, our Russian Studies program co-sponsored a talk about cyber sabotage by Fred Kaplan. We see ourselves as part of an international network of scholars and creatives and hope that our students will keep learning right along side of us.


Our Languages & Cultures for Professions (LCP) program continues to be an important part of how WLC works with other colleges and many types of students on campus. You can read about the history of LCP here. This year we held a workshop called “Insider Tips for Landing that Global Job” – and it was awesome. We had two excellent featured speakers and workshop facilitators. Liv Watson of Workiva and Jesse Leonard of Danfoss shared there experiences and helped current Iowa Staters from many majors plan their futures. The Iowa State Daily thought it was good, too.

This just scratches the surface of what has been going on around here. We have so many amazing people doing all kinds of incredible things that it’s hard to keep track. Let us know what YOU think was the greatest achievement of this last year!