And You Thought YOUR Seniors Were Cool


By: Carly Johansen

We love our students! We love the fresh faces we see each Fall, and we love the familiar ones we’ve come to know. One of the things this department prides itself on is that we get to know our students and help them create a home away from home. Each day, we hope that students walk down our halls and see people whom they know and care about. While our department has one of the highest enrollments on campus (see our article on 2016-2017 Highlights), small class size and close interaction with faculty and students means lifelong friendships are established in our classes.

As a graduate from the Department of World Languages and Cultures, I’ve had a little firsthand experience with its loveliness. WLC provided me with instructors who were passionate about what they taught AND about all of their students. Now, as an employee, every day when I walk through the door, I get to be one of the people who shares the amazing sense of community that I felt as an undergraduate (okay, I can’t fully absorb it until I’ve had a cup of coffee or two, but the vibes are there whether or not I’m ready to take them in). One of the projects that co-editor Mark Looney and I decided to take on rather late in the school year was to test-drive our new Creative Studio (see Out with the Old and In with the Awesome for more) and take some headshots for our graduating seniors. The goal of the project was twofold: first, we wanted to show our seniors how much they meant to us. We wanted them to have something from our department that they wouldn’t necessarily do on their own but would probably want for professional reasons (read: LinkedIn and other professional networking sites). Second, we wanted to show off our graduates a little bit. So, without further ado, this is us, showing off some of our seniors.

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