Connecting expert learners


The Language Studies Resource Center has hosted their semester-long Language Partner Exchange Program since 2015. Students who study any language offered through the department of World Languages and Cultures have a chance to practice their target languages outside of the classroom, thanks to this program.

The LSRC pairs up students based on proficiency in their target language, and the staff initiates the first meeting at a welcome event, encouraging partners to come up with a weekly meeting time before the end of the kickoff. At this event, participants are encouraged to engage in icebreaker activities to get to know their new partners and meet other participants in the program.

This fall semester, the program has 77 participants, which is an increase from the 59 participants in spring of 2018. The program is open to both native and non-native students. This semester, there has been an increase in language learner participation and a decrease in native speaker sign ups.

Jacob Larsen, Director of the Language Studies Resource Center hopes to continue to attract WLC student participants who enjoy speaking their target languages in a low-stakes, social environment.

“Student participants have told us and their instructors that they enjoy the opportunity to speak their target languages outside of class and that they are having fun getting to know other students on campus,” says Larsen.

Larsen is open to hearing participants ideas and opinions to help guide program improvement and expansion.

To find out how you can be a part of this program in the future, check out the LSRC’s website or stop by the Language Studies Resource Center for more information.