WLC’s Take on Open Spaces

CATEGORIES: Winter 18-19

Inspired by similar events in Paris, Open Spaces ISU is a new, monthly event that allows anyone to teach a skill they have or learn something new. The organizers of the events, Profs. Mark Looney, Beth Martin, and Jean-Pierre Taoutel, are all members of WLC faculty, and they have great passion for this series. What started as an observation in Paris has grown over the semester into a campus-wide event.

The third Open Spaces of the semester was March 26 in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union and attracted several individuals and clubs ready to teach what they know and learn what they don’t. Attendees were taught tango, Latin dance, knitting, origami, juggling, and how to play the guitar, among other skills.

Attendees made sure to take part in each skill being taught, and some people even shared skills beyond what they originally came to teach. The event was attended by professors, faculty, students, and some family members. All of the Open Spaces events are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to come and forge connections with new people. The final event for the semester will be April 26.

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