Humans of WLC: Ben Mayer

CATEGORIES: October 2020

Ben Mayer is a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in classical studies. He shares his unique adventure here at Iowa State.

Honestly, the vibe is what made me decide to come to ISU. It was about two months before I graduated high school that I picked a school. After I visited ISU and immediately decided to enroll because of how beautiful and centralized the campus was, how nice the people were, and how extensive the programs were. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I wanted to figure that out at ISU.

At the moment, I am an intern with University Museums and I am working on compiling a biographical dictionary on the influential people of ISU. I am also working in the Anthropology lab with a few grad students. I want to become an archeologist!

My only problem is that I’m interested in so many different events, time periods, cultures, etc. that I have a hard time deciding what I want to focus on! When I go to grad school, I’ll definitely find something to focus on, probably concerning something with Ancient Greece.

In the future, ideally I’d like to teach people about what I’m studying at that time. Whether that’s as a professor, touring lecturer, or even as some host for a YouTube channel who goes on cool digs/other research (like PBS Eons meets National Geographic). I just want to share the knowledge I gain throughout my work.

In WLC, Margaret Mook, Alexander Hall, and Andrew Somerville have all been fantastic professors. They all are incredibly interesting to learn from and just great and kind people! I love conversing with them about new material and just about mundane things because they’re so easy to talk to. Their excitement in the classroom makes it easy to stay involved and invested in the class.