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CATEGORIES: October 2020

Humans of WLC: Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer is a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in classical studies. He shares his unique adventure here at Iowa State. Honestly, the vibe is what made me decide to come to ISU. It was about two months before I graduated high school that I picked a school. After I visited ISU and … Continue reading Humans of WLC: Ben Mayer


Ho-Chunk Powwows

WLC is home to some pretty amazing scholars who are publishing some exciting new texts. Read on to find out about Dr. Grant Arndt’s new book and all of the work he put into it. “My book Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Politics of Tradition is a study of the history of powwows hosted by the … Continue reading Ho-Chunk Powwows


Dancing Bahia

Over the years, WLC has undergone many changes. Not the least of these changes is the ever-growing list of additions- Anthropology, American Indian Studies, U.S. Latino/a Studies, staff, faculty- to our department. Dr. Lucía M. Suárez fits two of these categories: she joined us as a faculty member in Spring 2017, and she is the … Continue reading Dancing Bahia

CATEGORIES: Winter 2017-18

Data in Sociocultural Anthropology?

Anthropology has several sub-disciplines. Archaeologists study past peoples and cultures, from the deepest prehistory to the recent past, through the analysis of material remains, ranging from artifacts and evidence of past environments to architecture and landscapes. Biological anthropologists focus on questions having to do with evolutionary theory, our place in nature, adaptation, and human biological … Continue reading Data in Sociocultural Anthropology?



WLC faculty are – even if not everyone would agree – humans.  Modern humans are marked by their drive for progress. We aren’t content with our current status or skill level – we strive! This summer, many of us have big plans. We will, of course, be working on our usual projects – research and … Continue reading #GOALS


2016-2017 Highlights

It’s been quite a year for us here in WLC. The biggest changes have probably come from our recent merger with Anthropology . We are really excited about working with our new colleagues and WLC is even better than it was before. The Anthro faculty have just moved to Pearson Hall, so come and visit ALL … Continue reading 2016-2017 Highlights