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CATEGORIES: September 2015

Welcome to Our New Faculty Member: Charles Nagle

I guess I am a bit of an odd case. I distinctly remember in high school, I think I was a junior, telling my Spanish teacher that I was going to get my Ph.D. and teach Spanish. Then again, perhaps I just said I was going to teach Spanish and left out the Ph.D. part, which seems more plausible since I was 16 at the time.

CATEGORIES: October 2014

WLC Global Student Ambassadors

WLC is pleased to introduce our new Global Student Ambassadors: Mark Hannasch, Taylor Thenhaus, and Ouma Amadou. Following the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ LAS Ambassadors Program, WLC Student Ambassadors will represent the department on campus in a variety of ways. They will help us create departmental promotional materials, reach out to other students … Continue reading WLC Global Student Ambassadors

CATEGORIES: September 2014

Come Visit YOUR New Space in Pearson Hall!

WLC has always been a department in which students come first. For example, while the concept of “flipped” classrooms has become more common in recent years across disciplines, we in WLC have always prided ourselves on smaller-sized, interactive classes and personalized guidance for our students. To further facilitate WLC’s student-centered learning experience, we have converted … Continue reading Come Visit YOUR New Space in Pearson Hall!