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CATEGORIES: October 2020

Humans of WLC: Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer is a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in classical studies. He shares his unique adventure here at Iowa State. Honestly, the vibe is what made me decide to come to ISU. It was about two months before I graduated high school that I picked a school. After I visited ISU and … Continue reading Humans of WLC: Ben Mayer


Students Helping Students

If you are looking to get involved in something fun, there is no better place than the WLC. The department is chock full of clubs rich with academic and fun opportunities! Find humans interesting? Swing by Anthropology Club every other Wednesday in the “Monkey Room”–2130 Pearson–at 7pm. The president of the club says they are … Continue reading Students Helping Students



WLC faculty are – even if not everyone would agree – humans.  Modern humans are marked by their drive for progress. We aren’t content with our current status or skill level – we strive! This summer, many of us have big plans. We will, of course, be working on our usual projects – research and … Continue reading #GOALS

CATEGORIES: November 2016

Hall: Sometimes (Self-)Ignorance is Bliss

“Interestingly, though, while ancient heroes share with us a desire for fame and along with it self worth, they don’t (mostly) think about themselves from the sort of meta perspective captured so perfectly in the modern selfie.”