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Ho-Chunk Powwows

WLC is home to some pretty amazing scholars who are publishing some exciting new texts. Read on to find out about Dr. Grant Arndt’s new book and all of the work he put into it. “My book Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Politics of Tradition is a study of the history of powwows hosted by the … Continue reading Ho-Chunk Powwows

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Why Primates Range- but not too Far

Dr. Jill D. Pruetz is a Professor of Biological Anthropology and one of the leaders in her field. She does field work in Senegal with Fongoli Chimps at the Neighbor Ape projects. She is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and works extensively with graduate students.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Monkey Bridges & Wildlife Mobility

Giselle Narváez Rivera is a master’s student in Anthropology with a focus in primatology. Her research is focused on studying crop-raiding by New World monkeys as a human-wildlife conflict in Gandoca, Costa Rica. Read about how monkey bridges circumvent dangers created by human action.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

The Space(s) Between Point A & Point B

Dr. Megan J. Myers is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latino/a Studies. She studies the Hispanophone Caribbean and is one of the organizers and co-founders of Border of Lights, an annual event on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Learn more about the cause here, and learn more about Dr. Myers’ other work here.

CATEGORIES: October 2016

Major changes with Daniel Dalmas

When I was really young, I really liked dinosaurs. Paleontology, that sort of deal- I considered it here, but I just wasn’t as interested in that as I was with Archaeology.