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Bright Spots: 2016-2017

Since it’s the end of the school year, we’ve found ourselves looking back over the past year at all of the awesome things we’ve seen and done as well as looking to the future. Join us on our adventure through WLC’s 2016, 2017 and coming year. Check out the other posts to reminisce and get … Continue reading Bright Spots: 2016-2017

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Motion. Movement.

March. The name of a month and a verb got us to thinking- what does motion mean to us? What about movement? There are movements in music, movements in society, movements with physical objects and movements of physical objects. Motion is all around us, but how do others see it? Explore with us the different meanings … Continue reading Motion. Movement.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Sound as it Moves Us

Dr. Charles Nagles is Assistant Professor of Spanish, and he works extensively with applied linguistics and teaching methods. To learn more about phonology from Dr. Nagle, check out his SPAN 352 course!

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CATEGORIES: March 2017

Migration & Refugees

Contributed by: Dr. Nell Gabiam Dr. Nell Gabiam is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology whose work focuses on many facets of refugees with a current emphasis on the effects of the war in Syria.   [trx_line style=”dotted” color=”#clclcl”] According to UNHCR (office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), there are currently 65.3 million forced … Continue reading Migration & Refugees

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Motion through Social Movement

Dr. Michèle Schaal is an Assistant Professor of French and Women’s and Gender Studies. Dr. Schaal spends her time exploring where these two meet and have developed side by side.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Why Primates Range- but not too Far

Dr. Jill D. Pruetz is a Professor of Biological Anthropology and one of the leaders in her field. She does field work in Senegal with Fongoli Chimps at the Neighbor Ape projects. She is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and works extensively with graduate students.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Monkey Bridges & Wildlife Mobility

Giselle Narváez Rivera is a master’s student in Anthropology with a focus in primatology. Her research is focused on studying crop-raiding by New World monkeys as a human-wildlife conflict in Gandoca, Costa Rica. Read about how monkey bridges circumvent dangers created by human action.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Cádiz: Pushing to Retain the Traditional

Grace Davis is an ISU and WLC Alumna who currently lives and works in Cádiz, Spain. Here, she shares her experiences as an international explorer experiencing something that is oh-so-very-Spanish where she is living.

CATEGORIES: March 2017

Don Quixote in Motion

Dr. Gasta is a Professor of Spanish and serves as the Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. When he is not too busy running our department, he focuses on Cervantes and Golden Age Spain. Read to the end to find out more about his Spanish course this Fall!

CATEGORIES: March 2017

The Space(s) Between Point A & Point B

Dr. Megan J. Myers is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latino/a Studies. She studies the Hispanophone Caribbean and is one of the organizers and co-founders of Border of Lights, an annual event on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Learn more about the cause here, and learn more about Dr. Myers’ other work here.