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CATEGORIES: October 2020

Faculty Q&A with Xan Holt

Xan Holt joined WLC as a lecturer of German this Fall semester. Q: What made you decide to teach German at the university level? Tell us a little bit about your area of expertise! A: After finishing my undergraduate degree, I spent two years teaching English in vocational schools in Austria. It was initially just … Continue reading Faculty Q&A with Xan Holt

CATEGORIES: February 2017

Faculty Q&A with Mark Looney

With this month’s theme being love, we took the time to sit down and talk with German Professor, Dr. Mark Looney and his wife, Finance Professor, Dr. Valentina Salotti. Their relationship spans different first languages, different home cultures and and roughly 12 vertical inches.

CATEGORIES: October 2016

Q&A with Dr. Sebastian Braun

We need to understand the perspectives of other people and therefore we need to learn to listen. It’s something that we need to learn – it’s not something that we just know.

CATEGORIES: March 2016

Q&A with Prof. Tonglu Li

“Exchanging ideas with students and answering their (often unexpected and inspiring) questions make my thinking more active and sophisticated.”

CATEGORIES: December 2015

Q&A with the Professor Zhang

By following my interests in language and education and by taking the opportunities I was provided, I arrived where I am as naturally as water in a stream flows to its destination.